Haley’s Juice Cleanse Tips

The first major step to basking in a truly great juice cleanse is preparation to maximize the benefits associated with the experience. Furthermore, you can avoid any potential pitfalls that can occur when changing your diet up in a drastic way.


Start with a pre-cleanse of up to a week that matches your current eating and lifestyle habits. Decide what works best for you at the time and follow recommendations that correlate to the time you pre cleanse. There are several types of juicers and here we identify them:


The Health Nut

Someone that is used to eating healthy all the time may only need a preset guide of one to two days to see great success.




You eat well during the week and cheat on the weekends, ignoring healthy choices for 48 hours. You may need three to four days of pre-cleansing, with no alcohol, caffeine, or processed foods.


S.A.D. (Standard American Diets)

As with most Americans, you eat mainly pre-packaged, processed, and ‘fake’ foods that are a health bomb waiting to happen. You will need at least five days to pre-cleanse.

The Junkie

Everything that is sweet and laced with calories and sugars you are a fan of and will need to completely eradicate for a week as a pre-cleanse precaution.

Armed with this knowledge, now you can move on to the actual pre-cleanse regimen. Here are the suggestions that will help you juice better and improve your health.

Drink Water for Dehydration

You should always be drinking water as it reconnects and redistributes your body’s most basic needs. Drinking also keeps cells hydrated and gets rid of that feeling of hunger

Reduce Caffeine

Bring your body back to an alkaline state by reducing the amount of caffeine you consume and see an almost immediate change


Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

Elevate your enzyme intake and begin adding more fruits and veggies into the mix with a few extra servings of raw fruits and vegetables a bit daily.

Step Away from Animal Products

After cleansing for up to two days, stick to a no meat, eggs, or dairy diet for up to a month. It is best to build up tolerance to this plan by slowly laying off the animal products and then resetting your body.


Remove Processed Foods


Processed foods are the biggest silent killer in food and the faster you eliminate them, the better you will feel both inside and out. Eat organic when at all possible and choose a cleanse program that ideally fits you!


Choosing a Cleanse Schedule

Choose how many days you will cleanse and stick to it for maximum nutrition. Remember that lemon juice is probably one of your best friends during a cleanse as not only a liver stimulant but also a way to curb appetite and help you avoid eating bad foods. Try to drink at least one juice every two to three hours. The trick is consistency at six to eight juices per day, with the last one coming about two hours before bedtime. Monitor exactly how you feel and if any adjustments should be made to your personal routine.